NATIONAL RECOGNITION:  MKT is the only national marketing honor society accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). When you feature your MKT membership on your résumé, employers view it as a valuable asset and it will make you stand out.


JOB BOARD:  MKT members have access to the Pi Sigma Epsilon's website which has a jobs board where our corporate partners post their jobs and you can post your résumé online for our partners to view. Just CLICK HERE and select the free MKT account to get started!


PSE NATIONAL CONVENTION: Join hundreds of fellow MKT and PSE members at the National Sales & Marketing Convention featuring five days of professional programming, networking, social events, a career fair and the MKT Annual Business Meeting.


SCHOLARSHIPS & CONTESTS:  Apply for scholarships and enter student contests to win cash prizes. 


ONE-TIME LIFE FEE:  For your one-time fee of $60 you will receive a Mu Kappa Tau certificate and Mu Kappa Tau gold key pin of achievement.  At the time of your new membership you can purchase pride items at discounted prices to wear at graduation.


NEWSLETTER:  Receive the Mu Kappa Tau Quarterly Newsletter, keeping you informed of new developments and opportunities.

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